Center for Network Security and Access

Center for Network Security & Access (CNSA)

Providing the following services in the field of network science and access

  • Facilitates the research, development, integration and cross-fertilization of network science related technologies
  • Facilitates information exchange
  • Fosters partnerships amongst academia, industry, and government

Partners & Projects

  • Faster research to market
  • Increase in skilled resources to regain leadership in network science related technologies... establish a Center of Excellence
  • Develop and expand educational programs & opportunities to provide a world class labor force and breakthrough technologies
  • Increase impact & business opportunities
  • Provide innovation & world leadership in network science
  • Formation of a vibrant community for learning and teaching, providing the best education with interdisciplinary breadth for a new generation of highly educated, practice-oriented, competitive, and diverse U.S. workforce.

Dr. Paul Prucnal

CNSA is led by Dr. Paul Prucnal with the support of an advisory board of distinguished thought leaders from industry, government, and academia.

Paul Prucnal portrait

Dr. Prucnal received his A.B. degree from Bowdoin College, Summa Cum Laude, with Highest Honors in Math and Physics, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He then received his M.S., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University, where he was elected to the Sigma Xi honor society. Dr. Prucnal was an Assistant and then tenured Associate Professor at Columbia University from 1979 until 1988, when he joined Princeton University as a Professor of Electrical Engineering. He has held visiting faculty positions at the University of Tokyo and University of Parma.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty
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